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The End of Summer

Hi There!

Alina here. Miss you guys, is being forever since my last post. I been really busy finishing the finals details of our Fall & Winter Collection. Is coming very soon... so excited! We have lots of new designs, intense colors and textures. I really hope that you like them, we are taking special attention in bringing you those basics tops that you all love. 

This has been our first season as Alina Basics and we couldn't be more happier about. I know change is hard.. but I'm so glad that all of you lovely ladies had been able to adapt to our new site. I know some of you had been clients from many years now. We truly appreciate that and thank you for your patient in this transition. 

We have learned a lot with this first few months and hopefully we can continue to grow and offer you the unique and comfy tops that you all look for. 

I'm ecstatic that Fall is coming soon.. (finger crossed) is my favourite Miami season. Finally, I can wear my long sleeves tops when it gets a little bit chill, so perfect for those breezy fall nights. I specially love to wear them in the afternoons for a perfect cruise ride. 

Stay tune guys! Exciting new styles coming soon. In the meantime take advantage of our HUGE discounts on all Summer Styles. 2x1 Ladies! Hurry, we have just a few units in stock. Shop Now