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Introducing Alina Movement

Hi !! Alina Here!

Hope you are as happy as I'm with the arrival of Summer. Now I can practice all the sports I love outside!. (before rain sucendly appears..)

With my daughter Antonia, who is a sport lover too, we were thinking and thinking about how to create a collection that include clothing for all the sports we love. You know, when I stop dancing ballet as a professional I started exploring other sports that I never knew I would like so much, like yoga, pilates or just run a couple miles every morning to start my day with a great boost. And I realized that most of the people is not just “one sport person”. So both of us started looking for designs that matched with the activities we practice.

And it turned amazing! We created a collection that includes something special for every sport we love. Most of the pieces are seamless, in terms of fitting, styles adjust perfect to the shape of the body and you can mix and match all of them.

Special for this season: the bella shorts and the misty top. Both together look fabulous, so feminine and cute. Perfect for yoga, pilates, dancing, even tennis!

Blue Cargo Leggings

We also love the new bralettes, perfect to practice sports when the heat is unbearable, Antonia combines them with the cargo leggings when she goes to her yoga practice. My favorite part of this leggings is that they have a secret pocket where you can put your keys even your credit card. Great  when you wanna go for that green smoothie after workout. 

Last, but not least, for all the dancers we love, we brought something really special: the paula body sport, you will never know how comfortable it is until you try it.

I invite all of you to get to know the Alina Movement collection, we would love to hear from you: opinions, colors you like, designs you think would work, or anything we could have missed.

By the way, Antonia is on a trip in New York, she left with her suitcase full of this new products. She will tell us everything on a post when she arrives.